Thursday, June 19, 2008

Charles Knox profiled in Creative Loafing

Atlanta composer Charles Knox was profiled by Creative Loafing this week, interviewed by Russell McLendon and photographed by John Nowak. It appears on page 17 of the current issue (June 18-24, 2008, Vol. 37 No. 7) or you can view it online, where you can also comment back to CL. (You're encouraged to do so.)

In the middle of the online edition you can also listen to a live recording of Charles' "Semordnilap No. 2" in a version for violin, cello, djembe and piano, performed in Hawaii back in January 2006.

Charles has made multiple versions which are not "transcriptions" in the usual sense, but freature new parts which can be mixed at matched with most parts to create new versions. You could say it's like a kind of musical "Lego set" (or even a "Zwingy"). The part for any particular instrument, piano for example, remains the same in all versions. My understanding is that not all parts are compatible for combining into a new version, but most are. Charles should be able to elaborate and clarify this.

—Mark Gresham

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